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I hope you enjoy the pictures I’ve chosen to display. Thank you for just visiting or purchasing professional wall art, paper prints or keepsakes.

The Pacific Northwest is a playground for any photographer lucky enough to call it home, so it's no surprise that a majority of my work originates from the beautiful places that are within a couple hours drive in any direction from Seattle. I love to travel across the US and around the world as much I love Washington and I will add more galleries over time.

People often ask me what gear I shot with. I've recently added a Sony ar7ii to my Canon 5d Mark III and my fairly old but solid Canon 1Ds Mark III. Most shots are taken with Canon 24/70 f2.8, 70/200 f2.8 and 16/35 f2.8 although I  sometimes rent more exotic lenses. I use a set of Hoya filters, a Gitzo tripod and CrateTech ball. There’s a lot of good used gear online on Ebay and at reputable  Seattle area stores such as Kenmore and Glazers Cameras. Those latter two offer rentals.

My workflow includes Adobe Lightroom to organize, edit and publish to this site on SmugMug. My images from converted from RAW and edits typically include some cropping, light and color correction and sharpness adjustments.

Contact me if you are interested in workshops in the Seattle area.  My workshops are designed for individuals or very small groups from beginners to intermediate.

Enjoy the photos, feel free to download them for your own use (such as a desktop image or screen saver). Keep in mind however that all are protected by copyright law; just contact me if you need to use them for stock, reproduce or use them in any commercial manner.

Follow me on twitter @savoyeimages  or on facebook/savoyeimages

Happy and successful shooting!


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